Nomad Sports Academy was started in 2010, when a Canadian couple, Carmen and John saw the great need to support the Zambian orphans.

The initial connection was done in Sesheke, Zambia, a very poor community with a large number of orphans.  Feeding programs were started, as well as other humanitarian activities: blanket and clothes distribution, education sponsorship and others.
In 2011, Alusi Chirwa was appointed General Manager of the Zambian organization and thus the Nomad Sports Academy for Orphans was established in Zambia.

Nomad’s Sports Academy

To give our children a chance to train their bodies and minds in order to become leaders of tomorrow and to break the chains of poverty and shame and tell their story to the world.
Zambia has over 1 million orphans. Nomad Sports Academy is currently supporting close to 200 with feeding programs, education sponsorship and other needs.
Soon we would like to start the building of bricks, with a goal of 30.000 bricks in mind. These will serve to construct the first buildings on site.
Next will be the digging of the mega trench, from the top of the hill in Mukuni to our property and the connection with Mukuni Big 5 water pipe that comes from the Zambezi, so we will have free irrigation water.
We are currently planning the sending of a container to Zambia, with tools and the necessary utensils to start the construction. More info on this to come soon.


August 2017

The month of July and August were busy months at our property in Mukuni village:  We installed a new water system powered by solar technology that gives us 10 tons of water per day, we vaccinated our animals for diseases and worms, we fed our 200 orphans with more than 5 tons of food and we distributed new equipment and gear to our teams as well as clothes and shoes for our children.
New work plans are in effect starting October 1, with brick building, electricity pulled to our place, new trees planted, the garden preparation for spring and much more.
We are moving forward and exciting things are about to happen there.

March 2017

Our farm is steadily growing with 2 more dairy cows and 2 more goats. We are expanding our gardens as well to be able to feed more people. After an amazing rainy season, our trees and plants are growing beautifully.
Our local staff are working hard to maintain and develop this project and without them we would not be able to do this.

December 2016

A group of 8 Canadians traveled to Zambia to deliver food, clothes, shoes, toys and sports equipment to our Academy.
The Mukuni United FC has improved tremendously since April, standing now at number 3 in the league.  Their dedication and effort has been stimulated by the new equipment donated by the Metro Ford FC in British Columbia, Canada and by Soccer Express, Canada.

Our garden is growing with new vegetables as well: we have now 500 watermelon plants, pumpkin, onion, beans, radish, beets, maize and millet planted to feed the people and animals. Our hens are having chicks and wild guinea fowl chicks, our goats are pregnant and soon we are getting two more dairy cows.

A container with a lot of goods is in the works in Canada, to be shipped to Zambia.  This will speed up our construction projects there.

October 2016

We are preparing the land for the rainy season and we are getting ready to plant our watermelon seeds. Our little animal farm has grown with one more calf, our chickens are already giving us eggs and we also started to build bricks, to strengthen our water tank foundation.

July 2016

Tennis clinic provided by two professional tennis players: Stain Mupeta Musungaila, a Davis Cup player from Zambia and Michael Ray Pallares, a Davis Cup player from Dominican Republic.
They both spend a day teaching our kids tennis skills at Livingstone Royal Tennis Club.

June 2016

Our little animal farm is growing nicely. We now have 20 egg laying hens and 5 goats. Soon 3 dairy cows will be arriving.

April 2016

Feeding programs, sponsorship for orphans to go to school and equipping the Mukuni soccer teams with brand new soccer kits donated by the Metro Ford Football Club in Coquitlam and the SoccerX of Coquitlam British Columbia, Canada.

During 2013-2016

Feeding programs continued, education sponsorship increased and plans for the future buildings laid out.

November 2013-March 2015

Round the World Motorcycle Expedition for raising awareness for the orphans

October 2013

Planting of 440 trees: orange, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, peaches, guava, avocado, bananas, mango, cashews, plums, pomegranates, granadilla, tamarind, frangipani, palm, date palm, and many others.

September 2013

Installation of the water pump, water tank, digging the trenches for the pipe to the faucet. Building of the fence was done in the same time, 24 km of wire, 500 poles, 1 gate.

August 2013

Digging of the second borehole, lower in the valley, hitting great source at 27 m.

July 2013

Digging of the borehole, first attempt, which collapsed due to soft sand.

May 2013

Search for the water source

APRIL 2013